vintage wedding gownWedding season is about to be upon us and for those who said yes to their Valentine’s Day marriage proposal, now is the time to start planning if you’re getting married in June. Plan to get your dress in this wedding dress site! It’s also time to think about making your special day amazingly beautiful without breaking the bank.

Let’s take a look at the wedding dress – because after all – it’s all about the dress!

The problem is, the wedding dress can really cut into any budget and they can run into the thousands of dollars.  Of course you want to look stunning but you also want your guests to enjoy the day so having enough money left over to feed them is always a good idea.

Yes, consignment wedding gowns have been worn before – but only once. You can have the dress professionally cleaned. Since you are buying on consignment, you can afford a higher end designer such as Charlotte Winnie Couture.

You can significantly cut your costs without compromising the look by shopping consignment – here’s how:

Ask about dress care: Always ask the seller – when possible – the method taken for cleaning and preservation. Cleaning by a professional cleaner who specializes in wedding dresses is always preferred since it lowers the risk of “invisible stains” that might show up when you take it to have it cleaned yourself.

Ask where the wedding was held: This will give you a better idea of what the dress was put through i.e. beach wedding.

Ask for legitimacy: Before you make a purchase, make sure you trust the seller. If you are suspicious, ask for personal references or talk to the shop owner to make sure the dress is legitimate – you don’t want to pay top dollar for a designer gown that is a knock-off.

Ask about measurements: It’s very important to ask for specific measurements instead of just the size since the bride probably altered the dress. Ask for post alteration measurements.

Ask about return policies: If you are purchasing your dress from an online resale shop, as where the dress is being shipped from and what the delivery costs will be or if they are included. If you return the dress, will the seller pay for the mailing fee? When purchasing a wedding dress online, these are very important questions to ask.

Ask about the history: Find out when the wedding took place, this will give you a better understanding on the condition of the dress. It’s important to find out a little history on the dress; was it a fairy-tale wedding and marriage or was it a horrible mistake? If you’re a little on the superstitious side, you might want to check.

Ask for a receipt: Just to make sure the dress isn’t a knockoff, ask for the purchase receipt. This way you are getting the true price of what the seller paid for it. For instance, if the dress was heavily discounted when she purchased it, she should provide a lower price for a discounted dress.

Ask what you’re getting: If you’re purchasing online, make sure the seller details exactly what you will be getting. If there is a sash on the dress, it may have been added. You will either be charged extra for the sash or it won’t be included.

Ask about price: The rule of thumb for purchasing gently worn dresses half off and 25 to 40 percent off dresses from high end designers and recent seasons and 90 percent off old, damaged or stained dresses.

Keep something in mind, most people do not keep up with wedding gown fashion and no one will ever recognize your dress as you’re walking down the aisle. You’re still going to be the most stunning bride with all eyes on you, so why not save a little extra money for those accessories you saw in that vintage resale shop or for that honeymoon trip you’ve always dreamed of – after all – you’re only going to wear it once…

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