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Find your favorite places for gently and barely used items and save, save, save!

With a bevy of online and in-store resale sites, planning for a baby on a budget has never been as easy and convenient as it has become in recent years.

Sure, you will receive many items from family and friends ready to shower you with all the latest accoutrements, but why go without some of the items that were once thought to be extravagant and out-of-reach, when these gently-used and many times brand new items are up for grabs?

One such site, Trading Cradles, that can be found on Facebook or by pulling up their web site,, has an extensive selection that is constantly being updated.

This site has a free listing and free selling policy so you are not paying anything extra.

At a quick glance, you can choose your city and see what’s being offered locally. I saw gently-used items that sell for up to 60 percent off of full retail prices. This is especially nice for the folks that live by the mantra: Never pay full retail!

The site, like many others, has a strict policy on what they will accept, so you can be assured that the quality of these items is spot-on.

For instance, one of the featured listings was a jogging stroller in mint condition and boasting mp3 speakers and cup holders, for $220. The stroller is pictured so you can see what you will be getting and described as “barely-used”.

Another listing, for a bassinet, seemed to be fairly priced, as were other necessities, such as crib bedding, bottle warmers, baby toys, accessories, and swings; and you can also find an offer of multiple items bundled together for a discounted price.

Another thing I liked about this site was a dedicated blog and rolling listing of baby items that are being recalled.

This is not the only good baby resale you are liable to run into while looking online, but a good place to start and also to compare to others that may not have the same easy-to-use format.

Once Upon a Child, another resale shop that has five locations in the greater Houston area, carries clothing, footwear, toys, baby gear, and furniture for what they describe as up to 70 percent off of full retail prices. Their stated mission outlines the desire to provide a “fun and convenient” way to buy and sell gently-used kids stuff, while focusing on quality, safety, and value. If you are looking to sell items, you can find the location nearest to you, and drop by without an appointment. Once Upon a Child buys items on a daily basis, hence the huge selection, and adheres to a next-to-new, clean, and in good working order policy. They also pay cash on the spot, rather than on consignment. I think the online “Brag Book” is darling and full of cute stories from real life customers that have enjoyed the products that they have purchased to bring up baby in comfort and style.

I also like Kid to Kid, with locations close to us at The Galleria and The Woodlands. They offer an extensive collection of name brand clothing and accessories for children with a healthy discount added to the mix. A big event for them is the annual Halloween costume sale that brings folks from far and wide that are seeking great costumes for the kiddos to wear for the one-night Halloween season; that they then sell back for another child to enjoy.

I also like the idea of finding good bargains on maternity clothes, which these days are much more stylish than the matronly looks of yesteryear. I would say, splurge on a special outfit if your budget will allow, but for a nice wardrobe, why not go to a consignment or resale store?

We have many consignment shops to choose from in our area. There is Andree’s Corner, at 2508 Sunset Blvd., at Kirby, La Boutique Resale at 3159 Texas Hwy. 6, Crayons Children’s Resale at West Oaks, and others if you look around in your neck of the woods.

I found several… Just Between Friends at and Penny Pinching Mamas at that caters to “mamas on a budget” …and how cute is that?

The best thing is the peace of mind that you can gather the things that will make life with baby easier, and take care of your bundle of joy and you in the process. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to find great deals! You will not only save money, you will be able to better invest in your child’s future and get them off to a great head start!

Don’t forget the traditional other popular sites that have been around forever, and the fine art of borrowing from friends. Most of us are happy to help another mom, and it makes us happy to be able to rely on each other at such a special time.

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