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Models: Sarah Michener and William Blanchet – Dress: Princess Bridal – Photographer: NR Photography – Coordinator: Kelly Baltazar – Make-up: Sandra Arguello-Mata – Hair: Candice Beck, Downtown Studio Salon

Whether you call what they do vintage modern, up-cycled, or shabby chic, Missy (Eaton) Girolamo can’t wait to unveil their company, Re’Luv’d, new location and vintage rental collection located a few short miles past Katy in Fulshear.

Born at home, literally, in Simonton (the speck on the map just beyond Fulshear) Missy lived there until 2000 when her family relocated to Katy. She and her husband and co-owner, Tim Girolamo, a Ohioan who grew up in SW Houston, have lived in Katy since 1996.Together with their “four-legged barking children” they are grateful to be returning to her small town roots.

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Naturally creative and having a discerning eye for “all things beautiful,” Missy was pinning and clipping images from home decor catalogs long before Pinterest existed. “Designing has always been a passion,” she states enthusiastically, and the items in their store show she means every word of it.

In 2012, the Girolamo’s were praying for a career where they could work together, inspire others, enjoy what they were doing, and make an impact on both the community and on individuals. In the spring of 2013, after receiving much positive feedback on their work and many requests for custom painted furniture, God revealed Re’Luv’d as the answer to Missy and Tim’s prayers.

But being a perfectionist, Missy states emphatically that “okay” simply isn’t good enough. “I wanted what we do to be the best possible so I kept at it until I developed the techniques I use that now provide the quality results I am after.  Re’Luv’d is our company and we want it to be one that gives more than expected!”

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Model: Chloe Trammel – Dress: Designer Exchange – Photographer: Jan Saenz – Coordinator: Kelly Baltazar – Make-up: Sandra Arguello-Mata – Hair: Candice Beck, Downtown Studio Salon

So, just what do they do?

Re’Luv’d RENTS the unexpected, reclaimed, and vintage elements needed to create ambiance for any memorable event or glamorous photo-shoot.

Their showroom is full of curiosities and fabulous reclaimed treasures from table top settings to tables and chairs; lounge seating, vintage decor and everything in between. They offer a variety of specialty styles such as French provincial, mid-century modern, gypsy boho, country chic, and more! Their rentals can be picked up from their Fulshear warehouse or (for an additional charge) Re’Luv’d will do the event styling, delivery, set-up, and pick-up.

Re’Luv’d’s DIY PHOTO STUDIO AND PROPS is an affordable solution to everyday picture perfect moments where they provide the studio/props and you provide the camera! Their rental collection and lighting makes it possible for you to capture your precious moments and you retain the copyrights to the photos to print, post, or share – however you choose – because it’s your camera. And they welcome both professionals and amateurs, so bring your chosen photographer (or have them arrange one for you), come with that talented friend, or simply load up the kids and your camera. Prices start at just $35, making this an option for virtually anyone wanting to capture a special time in their life. We can accommodate you with a designer and a hair stylist for any member of the family, we also work with a barber to shape your beard as you always wanted, with A boar bristle shaving brush benefits to men beard are incredible, we can make an experience that you can cherish.

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Photogapher: NR Photography – Coordinator: Kelly Baltazar – Make-up: Sandra Arguello-Mata – Hair: Candice Beck, Downtown Studio Salon

Re’Luv’d CUSTOM PAINTS FURNITURE specializing in a one of a kind faux finish. Do the glamorous homes and celebrations seen on the pages of magazines, in Pinterest, Houzz, or in the lives of the rich and famous leave you wishing for more? Some people have a helpful friend with an eye for design, some pay for a professional, but most are usually on a budget and don’t know how to pull it all together! Re’Luv’d offers a free hour of consultation to clients with reasonable fees for additional assistance if needed. And most important of all, they pay attention to the details, the ambiance, and the perfect settings you desire.

Re’Luv’d CUSTOM PAINTS are a one of a kind faux finish using many layers of paint to create dimension and visual interest. Water based polycyclic is used to protect and seal their designs, creating a smooth satin or glossy finish (soft wax, varnish, and oil can also be used upon request).

Re’Luv’d FURNITURE and CHALK’D PAINT: Re-Luv’d keeps an inventory of solid and vintage furniture that is either custom painted for our clients or purchased for the DIYers to paint, catering to most budgets. They offer ‘picking’ services to assist in locating any specific pieces you have been seeking. Lastly, they build custom and unique statement pieces from reclaimed and salvaged materials.

Re’Luv’d will be offering their own line of Chalk’d Paint and Chalk’d Powder as well as a few other well-known paint favorites for purchase. Painting classes and a Re’Luv’d instructional e-book will be available in the summer of 2014, so LIKE them on Facebook ( to stay in the loop!

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Model: Chloe Trammel – Dress: Designer Exchange – Photographer: NR Photography – Coordinator: Kelly Baltazar – Make-up: Sandra Arguello-Mata – Hair: Candice Beck, Downtown Studio Salon

As they support their neighborhood community and green up the world they make it abundantly obvious that it just doesn’t make sense to buy new. Why not buy furniture that has been “Re’Luv’d?” You’ll be buying “green,” supporting a local small business, and receiving more than expected.

“Re’Luv’d isn’t just our business, it’s our life and our ministry!” says Missy, and it’s true. They truly believe that “If you help enough people get what they want you will always get what you want.”  And they give back 11% of their profit to those in need. Why 11%? “10% is what we’re asked to give but for us it’s not enough,” says Missy. “Sometimes that additional 1% can make all the difference!”

Come visit Re’Luv’d at 32501 Gordon Side Road in Fulshear and LIKE their Facebook page for information about the grand opening April 19. Regular hours will be posted soon. And don’t forget to FOLLOW them on Pinterest!

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