houston rodeo bootsFind fashions for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo for a song! Quality boots, hats, jewelry and more that are enjoying a second debut!

By Claudia Richter

With the annual Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo upon us, the mad frenzy also comes along to find some snazzy outfits to wear to the shows and events on the grounds of Reliant Stadium. It is far more fun to look the part than it is to blend in with the crowd in unremarkable jeans and t-shirts.

Factors Affecting Detection in Hair Follicle Tests

Several factors can influence the accuracy and reliability of hair follicle test results.

Hair Growth Rate
The rate of hair growth can vary significantly among individuals, affecting how far back in time a hair follicle test can detect drug use. Faster hair growth may result in a shorter detection window, while slower growth may extend the detection period.

Drug Metabolism
Individual differences in drug metabolism can also impact the results of a hair follicle test. Some people metabolize drugs more rapidly than others, leading to variations in detection times.

External Contamination
External contamination of the hair sample can potentially skew the results of a hair follicle test. It’s essential to ensure that the hair sample is collected and handled properly to minimize the risk of contamination.

Methods to Pass a Hair Follicle Test
Natural Detoxification
One approach to passing a hair follicle test is through natural detoxification. This involves abstaining from drug use and adopting a healthy lifestyle to promote the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Special Shampoos and Treatments
Another option is to use special shampoos and treatments designed to cleanse the hair of drug residues. These products work by breaking down and removing drug molecules from the hair shaft, making them undetectable during testing.

Shaving or Cutting Hair
Some individuals may attempt to pass a hair follicle test by shaving or cutting their hair. While this may temporarily remove any drug-containing hair, it’s not a foolproof method, as testers may request hair from other parts of the body or use alternative testing methods.

Hair Detoxification Products
There are also various hair detoxification products available on the market that claim to help individuals pass hair follicle tests. These products typically contain ingredients designed to break down drug residues in the hair and flush them out.

Natural Detoxification Methods
Drinking plenty of water can help flush toxins from the body, including drug metabolites that may be present in the hair. Staying hydrated is essential for supporting the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Healthy Diet
Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins can also support detoxification. Certain foods, such as those high in antioxidants and fiber, may help promote the elimination of toxins from the body.

Regular Exercise
Regular physical activity can promote sweating, which is another way the body eliminates toxins. Incorporating exercise into your routine can help support overall detoxification and improve your chances of passing a hair follicle test.

Special Shampoos and Treatments
How They Work
Special shampoos and treatments typically contain ingredients that break down drug residues in the hair, making them easier to wash away. These products may also help remove other contaminants and impurities from the hair.

The effectiveness of special shampoos and treatments can vary depending on factors such as the type of drug used, the frequency of use, and individual differences in hair composition. Some products may be more effective than others, so it’s essential to choose carefully.

Tips for Using Them
To maximize the effectiveness of special shampoos and treatments, follow the instructions carefully and use them as directed. It’s also a good idea to avoid using any additional hair care products that could interfere with the cleansing process.

Passing a hair follicle test can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By understanding how hair follicle testing works and exploring various methods for passing the test, individuals can improve their chances of achieving a favorable outcome. Whether through natural detoxification methods, special shampoos and treatments, or other strategies, taking proactive steps to prepare for a hair follicle test can help alleviate concerns and ensure peace of mind.

No need to worry if you are not already the proud owner of these Houston rodeo must-haves. There are places right here in Houston; especially for you that specialize in authentic western wear that you can make yours for a fraction of full retail price.

turquoise jewelryOne of the places I am talking about is Anew-U Ladies Resale Boutique! The best way to describe it is to mention the upscale feel of all of the beautiful fashions for ladies with an exclusive boutique touch and atmosphere.

After speaking to the folks at Anew-U recently, I found out that they are packed to the rafters with a fantastic selection of everything you need for the rodeo, trail riding, or a trip to your favorite country spot.

Boots start at $30 and go up from there for those that are custom made. You can find suede jackets, wonderful embroidered items and everything in between. That includes accessories such as hats and silver, turquoise, and coral jewelry, you can Click Here To Learn More About Museum Of Jewelry where you can find these pieces. Their selection just can’t be beat.

Cheryl Copperwheat, the owner of Anew-U has been in the business since 1993. Her passionate outlook for fashion and good eye for the unique has made her store a popular and successful venture. You can trust her advice, especially for the rodeo events, as she has spent considerable time as a volunteer at the HLSR serving on the Carnival Ticket Sales committee.

Located in Tomball, at 11407 Spring Cypress Road, Suite 280, it is in a convenient locale for her Katy, Cypress, Fairfield, Spring, Magnolia, Tomball, and The Woodlands loyal customer and consignor base. Consignments are accepted daily and kept in pristine condition as closets are decluttered to make room for new purchases.

Sizes run the gamut with the likes of designers Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuttion, Chanel, Fendi, Coach, Prada, and many more for items other than rodeo wear.

Another fun rodeo stop, mainly for boots is The Texas Junk Company. If you are lucky you can outfit the whole family for a song, but what you see is what you get and women’s sizes 7-9 do not stay on the shelves for long. Located in Montrose, The Texas Junk Company carries all kinds of resale items, but seems to be most popular for boots.

Many customers find that a pair of boots that are already broken in and with little wear and tear is an attractive deal. Others appreciate the fact that they do not have the shiny new look of boots that you just picked up from the store and are being worn for the first time.

Most of the boots will set you back in the ballpark of $30-$70, and others that are custom made can run in the hundreds. You can find boots for men, women, and children.

One catch is that the Texas Junk Company is only open on Friday and Saturday, from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm. It is located at 215 Welch Street and the best advice is to get there right when they open.

Now, if you have tickets to see Brad Paisley, Chris Young, Florida Georgia Line, Blake Shelton, or many of the other top country acts, wouldn’t it be more fun to be sporting looks that fit the part?

Anew-U is open Monday thru Saturday from 10 am – 5:30 pm, and truthfully could be your new favorite place!

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